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When kids outrun cancer, it helps to have the right shoes.

i'm not sick but my shoes are.

New Shoe Smiles
Medal Moments
Finish Line Feelings

Our mission is to empower and strengthen kids and their families as they battle Pediatric Cancer.

With the help of custom shoes, plus Project Outrun signature swag, we join teams in the fight and provide New Shoe Smiles, Medal Moments, and Finish Line Feelings to our Outrun families. As we say at Project Outrun, “When you ‘outrun’ cancer, it helps to have the right shoes.”

I'm not sick but my shoes are

Project Outrun has joined thousands of Outrun Athletes in the fight across 50 states!

“And just like that, Hal has outgrown her first pair of Nike Project Outrun nug shoes. This pair has been on her feet since her diagnosis. She’s had to relearn to walk in them, she wore them to every therapy appointment, she’s worn them up and down the halls of the hospital, she’s dirtied them up and loved on them much. I never knew I would ever feel attached to a pair of shoes until they became a symbol of outrunning cancer.

Luckily we have two more pairs of the next sizes up but I think we’re going to have to order more so she can keep outrunning 💪

Thank you Project Outrun for this first pair. They will hold a special spot in all our hearts as Hal’s first pair of ‘nugs’.”

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Our Shoe Story

What Outrun means to us.

This project began with the gift of a pair of shoes for three-time cancer survivor, Kylie Rose Jacobs. That act became a movement of empowering kids and families across the country through our mission and message.

Watch our shoe story to learn why we say: ‘When kids outrun cancer, it helps to have the right shoes.’

Project Outrun in Action

Design Nights

Headquartered in Northeast Ohio, Project Outrun is currently up and running at all three NE Ohio pediatric hospitals: Akron Childrens, UH Rainbow Babies & Children, & Cleveland Clinic Pediatrics. We also have a special Iowa Chapter!

Our team conducts in-person design events as well as personal shoe designing virtually for kids across the country. Contact us for more information about opportunities to partner with our Project!

Crossing the Finish Line

Our finish lines are meant to encourage our kids to set and achieve goals. We tell the kids, “Set a goal; something big, something small. But when you achieve that goal, put on your Outrun Shoes, have mom or dad hold that finish line and bust through! Because nothing feels as good as running through a finish line.”

“These. Shoes. These shoes were designed, worn, and loved by Ryder. These shoes have gone where ever Ryder has gone and done whatever Ryder has done. These shoes were worn the day we celebrated Ryder’s last chemo treatment and to the MRI where we learned he had to start again. These shoes are dirty, worn, and special.

These shoes are (now) too small and have been officially retired. And as sad as we are to put them away, it is not lost on us the fact that Ryder was able to grow out of them at all. We are so thankful for these shoes and for the new pair Ryder has to take him through his next adventures. We are so grateful to @projectoutrun who put these shoes on Ryder’s feet.”